2. Ashi Garami Jiu Jitsu
3. GGE Real Estate
4. Coalmine Canary
5. Floundr (Tinder satire) 
6. Flickering Landscapes Film Conference
7. Hands On A Hybrid


Welcome to my website. This recent update reflects the latest works I’ve been producing for the last few years. All the images are mine unless otherwise stated. I also have a vimeo page that shows animations and video projects I’ve created. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 
Image by S.Vala
These two little angels flew from inspiration as I flew back to my home town of Gainesville Florida upon the last months of my amazing friend Jake’s life on earth. He was a powerful man but weilded his strength quietly and gracefully in his big buddha build. He touched a lot of hearts and was a glue that bonded much of our tribe of friends. Jake’s encouragement always pushed me to do my best and keep it real. I cherish the laughs and times we shared.

Spray Angels by S.Vala



In 2017, reeling from the news that a hate filled speaker would be arriving in town to spew garbage, I asked a group of friends to help me get a message out on the 1000+ft wall at 34th Street in the form of this piece. It was an excellent experience to see the love that poured out from the guys who pitched in to make this 50 foot long mural and afterwards the community response was pretty epic, including the mayor sharing it with his network.